Will Companies Thrive or Barely Survive in The New Era of AI-Defined Automation?

Second article about AI robot in manufacturing. And another post this week: Why We All Experience ‘The Happiness Curve?’

Previously we talked about how AI can enable robots to perform tasks that could not be done in the past. Specifically, AI robots have achieved breakthroughs in three major areas. But what impact will it have on the current landscape of the manufacturing industry? Who will be able to grasp the opportunities brought about by the new technology? Which companies will face unprecedented challenges?

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Why We All Experience ‘The Happiness Curve’

An explanation to mid-life slumps and youthful joy.

Happiness isn’t rational, predictable, or reliably tethered to our objective circumstances.” — Jonathan Rauch

I don’t know. I just hate my job.” I’ve known Tiffany since our first day at business school. Even when she struggled to get over the hardest breakup of her life, I’ve never seen her this frustrated.

And I can totally feel her pain. I went through similar things before: you know you are definitely unhappy with your current situation, but you have no clue why. You try to convince yourself that this is completely normal, that other people are not entirely satisfied with their jobs or lives either. But the feeling of dissatisfaction just keeps crawling back.

What’s wrong with me? What should I do?

For a long time, I struggled to answer these questions. And I definitely didn’t expect to find the answers from the seemingly most unrelated book for a young person…

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